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Peritoneal Dialysis

If your kidneys still have some residual function, peritoneal dialysis might be the right choice for you. At Kidney Doctors of South Texas, PA, the team provides preparation and guidance on how to work the peritoneal dialysis procedure for you. To schedule an appointment at one of their offices in Mission, McAllen, or Rio Grande City, Texas, call today or request a consultation online.

Peritoneal Dialysis Q & A

What is peritoneal dialysis?

Peritoneal dialysis removes waste from your blood when your kidneys don’t adequately function. Dr. Ramos and his team use the procedure to filter your blood with cleansing fluid that flows through a catheter into your abdomen.

Your abdomen’s lining functions as a filter, separating the waste from your blood. After a certain period of time, the waste eliminates out of your abdomen.

You can have peritoneal dialysis done at any location, including at home, the office, or while traveling. If your condition doesn’t allow you to have the ability to care for yourself, you need a caregiver to help with the procedure.

Am I a good candidate for peritoneal dialysis?

Peritoneal dialysis might be right for you if you:

  • Still have some remaining kidney function
  • Have a lifestyle of work and travel
  • Want to minimize disruptions in your day
  • Can’t tolerate the quick, fluid balance changes that occur with hemodialysis

Together, you and Dr. Ramos can determine the right treatment for you.

What are the benefits of peritoneal dialysis?

Peritoneal dialysis has its advantages when compared to hemodialysis, which requires an external device and filter. 

The benefits of peritoneal dialysis include:

  • More independence in facilitating the procedure on your own
  • More flexibility in your schedule
  • Less restrictive diet
  • Longer lasting kidney function

Though peritoneal dialysis has its advantages, your kidney function should be monitored closely to ensure you don’t experience a decline that would require hemodialysis or a kidney transplant.

What do I need to do to prepare for peritoneal dialysis?

Before your dialysis can begin, you need a dialysis catheter, which requires a minor operation. The inserted tube carries the solution in and out of your abdomen during your dialysis procedures. 

In some cases, you can begin your peritoneal dialysis just a few days after surgery. In other cases, you may need to wait between two weeks and a month. Dr. Ramos will talk with you about your treatment plan. 

To learn more about peritoneal dialysis and to find out if it’s right for you, call the friendly office staff at Kidney Doctors of South Texas, PA, today and book your appointment, or use the convenient online booking tool.

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